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Motivations for constructing the government and police forces in World

United Earth is based on the modern Western world, primarily Australia. When humanity encounters a ‘crisis’, human rights and personal freedoms take a back seat to authoritarianism. It’s incredibly effective, but the price is high. And while the safety, whether real or virtual, it affords remains constant, the price continually grows as the previous laws are seen to become acceptable and politicians seek to out-bid each other on their ‘hard stance’ against terrorism. Or in this case, zombies.

* Australian anti-terrorism laws…

Held without trial or arrest for 14 days:

Anti-war protesting is illegal:

It’s hardly necessary to talk about the Fap Filter but here are the new laws regarding penalties for copyright infringement (some of the toughest in the world):

It’s illegal for Australians to make anonymous political comments:

ASBOs come to Australia:

Shoot-to-kill no longer a last resort and not limited to ‘terrorists’:

AFP silencing people who have been imprisoned and tortured without trial:

Government disinformation to keep people alert but not alarmed:

Haneef is the classic case of the innocent being imprisoned:

Use of torture alive and well in Australia:

Australia flaunts human rights recommended by the UN:

Circular blame-shifting lasts until everyone forgets it happeneD:

These laws were widely accepted by both parties: *

campaign design

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